Monday, August 31, 2009

i moved to brooklyn on saturday, it took a couple of days but i've got everything set up how i want it, and am loving my new digs. today i wandered down the street to the bank, and on my way found a yoga/dance studio, a thai restaurant that delivers, and a great looking cafe. i will be hitting up all of these places asap. i may even go for a yoga class tomorrow morning. i am a happy new brooklynite! i will post a few pictures of the apartment in a few days... i just attempted to take some and found that my camera's batteries are dead.
my soundtrack while moving and settling in has mostly been the spring standards' album "no one will know." i hadn't listened to them for awhile and i just got this off itunes a few days ago. it's excellent!

Monday, August 24, 2009

i went down to the bay to take some pictures with family and friends today, one will end up in our christmas cards this year. i'm soaking up as much time with them as i can before i move in just 5 days! i am loving the sunshine, the laid back evenings, the ice cream, and everything else about living at the beach. even finding sand between my sheets isn't so bad, it's a reminder of sunny days by the ocean.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

my amazing friend gabi recently spent two weeks caring for children at an orphanage in uganda. she's going back for a 3-6 months starting in january to continue volunteering at hope children's home. she is a positively wonderful person with a lot of love to give to these incredible children. she needs to raise over $6,000 for the trip, and would appreciate any donation, no matter how small. there are several ways you can donate:
1) Directly through PayPal to: (Just please make sure you write in the notes section that the money is for Gabi for Africa. Thank you!)
2) Directly into my missions account online. The link is:
And you’ll need to add a note simply stating that the money is for Gabi Dickinson
3) For those of you in the U.S. you can mail a check directly to:
Show Mercy International
PO Box 607
Albany, Oregon 97321
Again, making sure to state that the check is for Gabi Dickinson.
even if you can't donate, please send her some big hugs via her blog!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

recent obsessions:

-mango gelato. a new gelato shop opened up a few doors down from my summer job this season, and oh. my. goodness. i tried a different flavor on every visit until they started stocking mango, and i am HOOKED. the shop owner knows it is my favorite and let me know yesterday that they only have one batch left so i should eat it while i can! it's creamy and perfect and even has tiny bits of mango throughout. so, so amazing.

-september issues of fashion magazines. i am a bit of a magazine junkie, and the fashiony-fashion ones (think vogue, elle, and the like) are a little too stuffy for me typically. however, september is like january in fashion, so the issues are huge and chock full of beautiful pictures. i bought elle yesterday, and i keep flipping through it and finding new gorgeousness every time. also some of my favorite ladies are featured in ad campaigns: marion cotillard, bar rafaeli, miranda kerr, scarlett johansson... ahh i love it.

-TOMS shoes. i night have mentioned them before but they are worthy of two posts. for every pair of shoes sold, TOMS donates a pair to a child in need. i bought a pair in june and have been wearing them nonstop. the other day i wore a different pair of shoes and my grandma said "i've never seen those shoes, i only ever see you wearing your toms!" my sister also got a pair recently, my mom ordered a pair this morning, and my dad is thinking of getting some, too. i'm going to pick up a pair in tweed or corduroy for the fall and winter. they are SUPER comfy and come in tons of different prints.

- cape may crabcakes. i got some for dinner at the west cape may farmer's market last week and they are so incredibly delicious! i'm going to pick up a box (or six...) of frozen ones to take up to brooklyn with me. they also ship frozen ones!

Friday, August 7, 2009

j. crew's crewcuts! too cute!

yesterday i was flipping through the online version of j. crew's latest catalog and i couldn't help but notice how awesome the styling of their crewcuts kids' line is. look at these outfits! so cute! i never thought i'd be taking fashion inspiration from the 10-and-under set but they're just irresistible!
who says a grad student can't dress like a kindergartner?! bring on the foofy skirts and flower headbands!!