Tuesday, October 6, 2009


On October 24, an event called GuluWalk will be taking place in cities all over the world. The goal of GuluWalk is to raise money to build a cultural center for the youth in the district of Gulu in northern Uganda. As I've written before, a rebel army known as the LRA has been ravaging northern Uganda and the surrounding nations for 23 years now. The LRA abducts children and forces them to serve as soldiers. Because of this ruthless, senseless rebel army, northern Uganda, which used to be rich farmland, is now devastated, with many of its people forced to live in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps. The cultural center will provide a place for children to learn, express themselves through the arts, and receive necessary support to recover from this war. To rebuild northern Uganda, we've got to start with the children and they need a safe place to develop the leadership skills that will carry this area forward in peace.
So! Please consider donating, or if you're a real superstar, sign up for a GuluWalk in your city! Or join me at the New York City walk, that'd be cool too.

Monday, October 5, 2009

i just read AM/PM by amelia gray. i chose it for two reasons. 1. i liked the cover (i judge books by their covers all the time, it usually works out fairly well.) 2. i opened it to a few different pages to get a feel for it, and one of these pages was written to a john mayer concert tee. this was my kind of book. i thoroughly enjoyed it, and want to share my favorite part:
They were in love! Carla wore her hair up and Andrew saw everything as a sign. They spent an entire afternoon sitting side by side in a coffee shop, taking more meaning than necessary from the world around them. A man wearing boxing gloves walked down the sidewalk in front of them and they took it to mean that they would be together forever.
the whole book is really just a wonderful little piece of art, but i keep going back to that page and reading it over and over. "...taking more meaning than necessary from the world around them." yes.