Thursday, December 3, 2009

i'm obsessed with john mayer's new album, battle studies. for those who know me, the fact that i am obsessed with john mayer in general is not news. when i was 16 i bought room for squares and after i got over listening to "your body is a wonderland" on repeat (i was 16, okay?!) i decided to listen to the rest of the album and "3x5" hit me like no song ever had. since then i've hurtled down a slippery slope of john mayer fandom, to the point that during the release week for battle studies last month, i saw the man play 3 times. in one week. you say "excessive", i say "incredible."
ANYWAY. since it was released i've been completely addicted to battle studies. i could go on for far too long about each song, but i'll spare you.
i mostly wanted to share that last night john did a really cool thing. as a thank you to his fans, he recorded "edge of desire", which is one of my favorites on the album (watch me talk about it and giggle awkwardly here) in his apartment at 3am. then he posted it on the internet for people to download, for free. check it out, buy the album, and go see him play if you're ever able because your mind will be blown.
(photo taken from my incredible gift-from-the-universe, front row seat at his album release show last month. i am grateful beyond belief... talk about minds being blown? mine is still recovering.)