Thursday, January 28, 2010

let's do this.

let's do this blog thing. maybe people read it? tj reads it. (hi, tj.)
here's what i've been diggin' during my absence from blogging:
-lush. um, have you smelled this store? it's a feast for the nostrils. and their angels on bare skin cleanser is a gift from the skincare gods.
-pita pizza. put delicious toppings on a pita and bake it. INSTANT PIZZA. i will be eating this pretty much every day from now on. my first one was sauce, mozzarella, tempeh, peppers, and tomatoes. yeeeees.
-memphis on broadway. go see this thing. my takeaway lesson was that music and dancing fight racism. i like that.
-anya marina. giant musical girl crush on this lady. dear anya, come play in new york, pretty please!
-foam magazine. ocean-influenced fashion/arts magazine. i love it. most fashion-y magazines are too hip or too pretentious or too superficial for me to really love, but this one is perfect. it can be hard to find, but hollister usually has it, so if you can handle the darkness, the too loud music, the half-dressed model/employees saying "hey what's up?" to you at every turn, and the overpowering scent of cologne... go there. it's worth it.

otherwise i have been mostly hearing live music whenever possible and being really impatient for warmer weather.