Friday, February 26, 2010

hey john mayer?
you make my life.
like when my class gets canceled hours before your show and through friends that i've made at your shows (your fans? we really are an amazing little network) i end up in the 4th row of madison square garden while you blow my mind. "assassin"? OH HEY. steve jordan rocking my face off? i'll take that too. and you top it of with a tease of "3x5"? i am so so grateful.

tomorrow night, same time, same place? sounds good to me. toss a little "edge of desire" in there and i'll be over the moon.

xoxoxoxo, linds

ps please deliver an IV of caffeine to me at my internship tomorrow. thanks, buddy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i went to see david ryan harris play last night, and this man's voice... there just aren't words. so smooth and gorgeous. i saw him in november at rockwood music hall, one of my favorite spots in this city. last night's show was at highline ballroom, which, due to a $15 ticket plus a $10 minimum per person per set (say whaaa?!) is not a favorite. but anyway. he performed beautifully and had some pretty hilarious stories between songs, too. before this song, he was talking about how women are so critical of ourselves, when men don't see any of the flaws we're so focused on. "i think the women on the cover of 'shape' magazine could use a sandwich! 'shape' should come bundled with 'bon appetit'!" oh yes.

i strongly recommend listening to this song before going out. guaranteed to make any girl feel like the pretty girl she is.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i had planned to go home this weekend. i miss my family a lot, and have just been homesick in general. my plans were foiled when i woke up yesterday morning feeling all-around terrible. i was a sore throated, congested, body achey, headachey mess. i tried to push my body and go anyway. my trip would have included a bus, two trains, and about an hour-long car ride. around a 3 hour trip altogether, and the thought of spending three hours traveling did me in. by the time i got home, i would have wanted to do nothing more than crawl into bed. so i called my parents and apologized a bunch of times because they'd changed plans for the weekend to accommodate me coming. they were immensely understanding, and my dad reminded me that it's important to listen to my body. so i've been doing just that, and what my body wanted was a weekend of sleep, tea, soup, bubble baths, and a marathon of 30 rock. i'm still not feeling great, but i'm improving. at first i was angry. i kept thinking "i should be home this weekend! i'm supposed to be hugging my dad right now!" but then i reminded myself: there is no "should", there is only what is, and right now is a bit of sickness. that's okay. i chose not to fight my body, but to pamper it and give it what it wants. hopefully it will thank me with feeling better tomorrow, but if not? i could handle one more day of taking it easy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

love love lovin'

my favorite things at the moment:

- mat kearney's music. i want to curl up inside the last 1:30 of "city of black and white". "fire and rain" makes me want to jump up and down singing along. i've been listening for a while but recently i have had this resurgence of love for him.

- j. crew's february catalog. well, to be honest, i love every j. crew catalog i've ever seen, this is just the current one. their styling is honest to goodness amazing. i usually study the catalog at length and then try to copycat with cheaper clothes because j. crew's a little pricey for me... but i am considering splurging on a blazer for spring. because really, i can wear a good blazer for years! and it will be a good light jacket for spring... and it will help me toward my new goal of dressing like a grownup... i'm a pro at rationalizing purchases, it's kind of a problem.

- my favorite blog at the moment is i am being. tricia had the seriously awesome job of being jason mraz's joyologist on his last tour. now that senor mraz is not touring, she's blogging and living and loving and i just love following along on her journey via her blog. it's so honest and uninhibited. recently she's written about how she enjoys spending time with herself, and i SO get that. i need a pretty good amount of alone time... more than most people, it seems. my close friends have grown to understand that just because i say i'd rather stay at home instead of go to that show or bar or dinner doesn't mean anything's wrong... i just need to spend some time with myself.

- "hey, soul sister" by train. yes, "drops of jupiter" and "meet virginia" train! i couldn't believe it was them when i first heard it in a bar with my friend blair a few weeks ago, but i became quickly obsessed. whenever i listen to it while i'm out walking, i start walking all bouncily and smiling a lot and people probably think there's something wrong with me but that is okaaaayyyyy haaayyyyy haaaaayyyayyyyy....

Monday, February 15, 2010

on friday i took a greyhound bus (for $5!!) from new york to philadelphia to meet up with two good friends. the greyhound trip itself was quite the adventure. and here are my tips for surviving a greyhound trip from port authority:
1. load up your ipod with new music. my picks? ben harper and the relentless7's white lies for dark times (i know, i'm a little late on this one, but oh my goodness good!) and brandi carlile's valentines EP XOBC.
2. budget time for a stop at a newsstand for magazines. i picked up marie claire and glamour. hey, it was friday and i didn't feel like thinking too hard. and the photos of victoria beckham in glamour are precious.
3. SNACKS. i munched on dried mango and a dark chocolate godiva bar. delicious.
4. don't be afraid to be the freak who is taking deep breaths and stretching in line during the hour and a half wait for the bus, which will inevitably be late.

from philly we drove out to the poconos and spent the weekend lounging and watching gems like clueless and maid in manhattan, dancing to hits of the 80s and 90s at a community clubhouse that can best described as a south jersey wedding minus my family, and eating everything from blueberry chocolate chip pancakes to crabcakes. good weekend, yes?
happy valentines day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

dear john mayer:

just so you know, when you say douchey things, it complicates my life. i feel like i am doing part-time PR for you because i'm the only one willing to say i don't think you're necessarily a douchebag. maybe you are, maybe you're not. i don't know you! therefore, i think the only way to settle this is for us to get to know each other. no prejudgements, i'll forget everything i've heard about you and start fresh. maybe we could meet for coffee? just an honest conversation, off the record. trust me, this will be good for your image. help me help you.

let me know,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

on the new title:

this blog is now titled "lindsay says yes". new url, bookmark it or google-reader it (it's a verb) or "buzz" it (i don't understand) or whatever it is you do with blogs these days.

why the change? i wanted to be able to write more about my day to day life and just about myself in general. i felt boxed in by the "lindsay is obsessed" title and idea. so this is more open ended, more broad, and more personal.

why "lindsay says yes"? i said "no" for a lot of my life. i was a timid, shy kid. i was hesitant to try new things for a long time. since moving away from home for college, and especially since moving to new york, i've been making a point of saying "yes", and it's liberating and refreshing and quite amazing. i've said yes to starting graduate school, yes to being set up on dates, yes to making last minute decisions to go to concerts and broadway shows, yes to trying new foods, yes to jumping on a bus for a trip to no-one-knows-where for no-one-knows-how-long... yes yes yes!

and i must admit, there are a few other blogs that have inspired my saying yes recently, so i'll show some love for them:
yes and yes
not that kind of girl

i'm off to say yes to doing laundry and maybe after, yes to some pasta!