Friday, July 2, 2010

ciao bella dark chocolate sorbet: a love letter.

dear ciao bella dark chocolate sorbet,
we met today in the freezer at whole foods. you were on sale and i was in an emotional funk deserving of a "decadently rich" dark chocolatey cure. you were also sporting lovely minimalist packaging. did i mention you were on sale? this is whole foods we're talking about, on sale is important. so i bought you and brought you home and after a salad dinner i treated myself to a bowl of you.
my tastebuds were not prepared. i think i actually moaned. like, out loud. luckily my bowl is too deep to fit my face in, or else i'd be licking it right now. honestly, ciao bella dark chocolate sorbet, i don't think there is anyone else for me. you may have heard about my fling with mango gelato last summer, but i assure you that is dead and gone. i am head over heels. ben and jerry who?
this is the start of something beautiful.

all my love,