Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: i loved you madly.

new year's eve is one of my absolute favorite holidays. it is a free pass to wear as much glitter as you want, celebrate as decadently as possible, and dance as much as you can. last year's celebration found me toasting new and old friends on my rooftop and dancing and singing along to the entirety of girl talk's "feed the animals" how, exactly, does one sing along to an album of remixed mashups? i don't remember, but my friends tell me it was pretty impressive.
new year's eve, as i see it, is a celebration of life for no other reason than this: it exists. we got to live an amazing year, and here comes another! pass the champagne, i'll toast to that.

2010 was something else. this is my version of an end-of-the-year recap, a top-whatever list, etc. because i can't be bothered with ranking things and i don't like numbers, i present to you a non-predetermined number of things in no particular order that i found rad, interesting, exciting in 2010.

- the LRA disarmament and northern uganda recovery act: after lots of meetings with congresspeople and their staff, and a little thing we like to call sleeping-on-congressman's-front-lawns-until-they-get-a-clue, my friends and i got a bill passed to get the US government to take the lead in getting rid of joseph kony and rehabilitating northern uganda. on november 24 the obama administration released their plan. big deal.

- trader joe's: um, HOW did i go 22 years of my life without shopping here??? cheap healthy food and super friendly employees. seriously, how are they so good at conversation? i have discussed everything from TED talks to couchsurfing to RL stine with trader joe's employees. all while they're bagging my goat cheese and avocados.

- ray lamontagne and the pariah dogs' "god willin' and the creek don't rise": this album breaks my heart and makes me feel warm and cozy all at the same time. so beautiful.

- GOOD magazine: a beautifully designed magazine highlighting people doing innovative, positive, amazing, GOOD things. the only magazine i buy every single issue of a read cover to cover. have you seen their infographics? genius. they gave me my favorite fact of the year: if everyone in the usa lived as densely as we do in brooklyn, we'd all fit into new hampshire. i know right?! your mind is so blown right now.

- REVEAL conference: i volunteered at their inaugural conference on feminine spirituality in may, and it was brilliant. a gathering of passionate, genuine, incredible women to talk about how we experience the divine. i was able to meet one of my favorite authors and spiritual teachers, sera beak, and she was just as wonderful as i'd hoped. i can't wait for next year's event.

-nicki minaj: she-woman-lady-power i can dance to? i am so about that. also her pink wigs. also the way she doesn't give a f-u-c-k. also her butt injections? i don't know but it took me one listen of her section on kanye's "monster" to be all "oh my god nicki, i love you." then i heard "i'm the best" and was basically ready to propose.

speaking of mr. west...

-my beautiful dark twisted fantasy: please see what everybody else is saying about this album because i think there's a general consensus that the whole world (sans diehard t-sweezy fans and george bush) digs it hard.

-the kids are all right: one of the best movies i saw this year. endearing and human and just plain good. also: mark ruffalo.

-youtube: is it just me or was it a really good year for youtube? maybe it's mostly the fact that i spent a lot of time writing papers this year and thus, a lot of time watching youtube videos while i procrastinated. i've adopted the self-affirming spiritual practices of jessica and my roommates were a little alarmed to hear just how well i know the bed intruder song.

-black swan: BLEW MY MIND. i can't even tell you. go see it.

-janelle monae's "tightrope": i challenge you to hear this song and not dance. YOU CAN'T.

-john mayer at madison square garden, two nights in a row, from the 4th and 5th rows. during a blizzard. i know.

-that time i made chowder and invited a bunch of people over and my friends played music in my living room. that time was seriously awesome, and comfort food sundays with music will totally be happening on the regular (ish) in 2011.

-pantoja, republica dominicana. i love that place, and those people. nunca te olvidaré, mis amores.

to everyone who made 2010 kick ass: thank you, and i love you. i am truly overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing people in my life. big big hugs, and here's to 2011...

xo, linds