Friday, February 24, 2012


i get daily emails from cafe gratitude with what they call "gratitude questions of the day". they describe them as follows:
Through reflection on these questions (which change daily), one is able to look directly at what is causing suffering in their lives (may it be background noise, or intensely distracting thoughts) and come to recenter one's attention on gratitude and abundance.
you can subscribe to gratitude questions of the day here.

i usually just reflect on the questions to myself, but i'm going to try blogging about the ones that seem particularly significant to me. one of today's questions is
what do you love about community?
when i think about the word "community", since my nbc comedy of choice is parks & recreation, i think of my immediate community, the one that occurs in my apartment. i live with three friends (and most of the time, one boyfriend) and a constant rotating cast of guests, including friends, friends-of-friends, bands on tour, invisible children roadies on tour, and complete strangers. we often host travelers who find me on if you're not familiar with the site, it is a social networking platform that allows travelers to find people who are willing to host them on their couch, for free. i've been hosting since summer 2010, although i took a break during last school year. i've hosted folks from canada, germany, south korea, finland, and other parts of the US. i've also met up with travelers to show them my favorite parts of the city, though i wasn't hosting them. through hosting, the community within my own home is a global one, and i absolutely love it. last year, i hosted easter dinner for a few friends who'd never met each other and a team of roadies from invisible children that included a woman from uganda. i was able to hear all about easter traditions in eastern africa while cooking dinner in my own kitchen. i know, right?! i love that my community is ever-growing, global, and loves gathering for meals together.