Sunday, April 25, 2010

what i'm loving lately:

invisible children: as always. from a meeting at a congressman's office to get some support for a really important bill, to meeting up with some of the amazing revolutionaries i've grown to call friends since our first meeting exactly one year ago, to documentary screenings, to new friends... life changing, this stuff is.

new york city: last weekend i went out for one of my best friends' birthdays. the night included some of the best guacamole i've ever had, a spontaneous limo ride, a rooftop bar in the shadow of the empire state building, and waking up to the sunrise over the midtown skyline from 40 stories up. last night i watched fireworks over manhattan from my bedroom window. only in new york.

looking forward to the REVEAL conference: a conference combining feminism and spirituality? i am SO there. i'm most excited for sera beak's workshop. i'll be volunteering, it's on may 8th here in new york. registration is $79 until may 1st, then it goes up to $99, so get on that!

GLEE!: i literally can't even talk about this show without squealing at least once. and when i watch? giggling, squealing, clapping excitement. just when i thought it couldn't get any better, they bring on jonathan groff and idina menzel. i'm in love.