Wednesday, April 22, 2009

one track mind

once i get stuck on a cause, a subject, or anything - i don't let it go. (hello, i have a blog based on being obsessed with things.)
recently, i've been talking about invisible children like it's my job. i've also emailed rachel maddow, CNN, perez hilton, and faxed mayor bloomberg. (i'm an idealist, humor me and pretend that they may actually read these messages!) maybe my friends are a little annoyed, but they sure do know what's going on this saturday night in 100 cities around the world.

the event:
contact celebrities, media outlets, and politicians in your area. show up at your city's "abduction site" at 3pm on saturday. walk with everyone to the "LRA" camp. stay overnight until you are "rescued" by the media, politicians, and celebrities. once you're rescued, you can either go home or join a caravan to the next city that hasn't yet been rescued.


Search and Rescue from Invisible Children Europe on Vimeo.

"injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - MLK, jr.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

current obsessions:

1. play-doh. i bought a 4 pack at target for $1.89 and i can't believe i got such an amazing thing for less than 2 dollars. i'd almost forgotten how awesome the stuff is.

2. gorgeous weather. it was 77 degrees today! perfect day for ice cream and laying out in the grass with a book. there was a wedding on campus today and i kept thinking of how lucky the bride and groom must have felt having such a perfect day for their wedding.

3. country music. i was feeling nostalgic tonight, and country music always reminds me of home and family.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i've been hanging out with invisible children roadies all evening... they came to campus to show their newest film, "the rescue", and talk about the upcoming event on april 25, happening in 100 cities worldwide. it was an inspiring and all-around awesome time.

check out the rescue - watch the video, sign up for the city nearest you and go! i'll be at the new york event... we made a video to send to anderson cooper tonight to try to get him there to rescue us... you know i want him to come.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

currently obsessing over:

-zach williams. saw him play at rockwood on saturday night and the guy is just tremendous.

-chicken salad sandwiches on multgrain bread. i just realized the cafeteria has both of these items. awesome.

-rooibos tea. mmmmm.

-boys in boat shoes. every guy should own a pair.

-apartment hunting. a couple friends and i are looking for a place in brooklyn or upper west side. we're visiting one this weekend, and i'm stoked!

-online-window-shopping for things to furnish said future apartment, mostly at ikea and target. this also includes lots of browsing the selby for inspiration.

-getting psyched for grad school. this also includes moments of "holy crap NYU is expensive" but more often it's "i can't believe i get to go to this school!"

-swell. i wanna do all my summer shopping here. cute and beachy!