Wednesday, April 1, 2009

currently obsessing over:

-zach williams. saw him play at rockwood on saturday night and the guy is just tremendous.

-chicken salad sandwiches on multgrain bread. i just realized the cafeteria has both of these items. awesome.

-rooibos tea. mmmmm.

-boys in boat shoes. every guy should own a pair.

-apartment hunting. a couple friends and i are looking for a place in brooklyn or upper west side. we're visiting one this weekend, and i'm stoked!

-online-window-shopping for things to furnish said future apartment, mostly at ikea and target. this also includes lots of browsing the selby for inspiration.

-getting psyched for grad school. this also includes moments of "holy crap NYU is expensive" but more often it's "i can't believe i get to go to this school!"

-swell. i wanna do all my summer shopping here. cute and beachy!

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