Tuesday, November 2, 2010

love list

what i'm loving right now:

1. danielle leporte's blog white hot truth. i used to subscribe to it on google reader, but i found myself getting angry at danielle, so i took it off. why? i just can't handle that much truth sometimes, especially when it's so white hot. it's that intense. i find myself reading once or twice a week though, whenever i am ready to be inspired and have a bit of a kick in the butt. she's fiercely motivating, and writes awesomely inspiring stuff.

2. trader joe's. i don't know why i resisted TJ's for so long, but for the past few months i've been falling more and more in love. cheap veggies and wine, delicious frozen meals, pumpkin pancake mix, adorable and chatty employees... what more could a girl want?

3. dressing like ke$ha for halloween. i take halloween very seriously, so i shopped carefully for things that ke$ha would wear, but that i would also wear. i ended up learning how to push my self-imposed wardrobe boundaries. who says i can't wear motorcycle boots? a faux-leather jacket with green leopard print lining? sequin hotpants? i can! i can and i will, and i'll look good doing it. thanks, ke$ha, for the crash course in confidence.

4. soup. yesterday i got this amazing vegetable lentil soup on my way home from work. tonight my roommate lisha and i made three sisters soup (three sisters = butternut squash, green beans, and corn) including potatoes that we were surprised to find were blue on the inside! they were gorgeous! (again, trader joe's!!!) it's such soup weather. i think next up is a batch of my mom's chicken corn chowder, made famous when she made it for a cast party during a high school production and all of my dramatic theatre friends freaked out about how good it was. it is seriously so good and completely warrants dramatic glee-style freaking out.

5. lelia broussard's album masquerade. it only came out today but i am already gonna say it's fantastic! i've been following lelia's career since around 2004, and watching her grow as an artist has been amazing to see. this album is far and away her best work yet and a pure joy to listen to. itunes it!