Monday, May 30, 2011

thank you.

i am writing out thank you notes to friends and family for gradubirthday gifts, and just feeling so absolutely full of gratitude for the support and love i have in my life that i want to write a thank you note to everyone i know. i graduated with my master's degree in social work on my birthday last week and honestly, whether i've properly expressed it or not, if you have been in any way a part of my life, i have you to thank. so here goes...
thank you for the hugs. thank you to anyone who's made me laugh. thank you for playing music that sustains me and inspires me. thank you to my invisible children family, including my rescue family, the roadies i've had the pleasure of hosting at my apartment and those who initially invited me into this story via screenings - you have changed my life forever. thank you to my classmates and faculty at NYU and SHU for inspiring me and supporting me and challenging me. thank you to everyone who's touched my life through my internships - supervisors, colleagues and most importantly, clients. i will never forget you.
thank you to anyone who's sat with me while i ugly cried - it's a short list and i love you. thank you to all of you who've shared the nights out around new york city or on my balcony - we have fun and it's so necessary. thank you for comfort food sundays (we'll have another one soon!). thank you for dealing with me when i had hard days and being patient with me and loving me through them. thank you for believing in me. thank you to anyone who's challenged me and made me grow. thank you for letting me share my passions with you - i know sometimes it's not what you expected when we're at out a bar and you ask what the whistle's about and i go on about war in the congo.
thank you, all of you, for being in my life in any way at all. and thank you for reading this attempt at articulating gratitude for this immense amount of love i feel.