Monday, March 2, 2009

i watched the "sex and the city" movie with my sister this weekend and realized (again) how absurdly gorgeous carrie's wedding gown is. can you imagine wearing something like that?! and with a bird on her head! i love it!

really i think i'd like a simple beach wedding in cape may, with me wearing something simple. i love j crew's wedding gowns. i sometimes daydream about having a huge, ridiculously extravagant carrie-bradshaw-style wedding, though. and then sometimes i daydream about not getting married at all, and instead having a big party where everyone dresses up and hangs out on the beach and drinks and dances. for someone who has little interest in being married, and especially not in the foreseeable future, i am oddly obsessed with weddings. it's probably the 8 year old "i wanna be a princess" little girl in me.

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