Thursday, July 30, 2009

i feel like lately all i've been talking about is how much i can't wait to move to brooklyn. i am excited, but i want to appreciate the last month i have to spend in beautiful cape may, nj. so, i want to focus a few posts on some of my favorite things in this town. first up, one of my favorite stores, the flying fish studio. a few reasons this place is awesome....

1. good vibes! the flying fish studio has a funky, positive vibe that comes through in the clothes they sell. i have this shirt, which says "optimism". i'm a big fan of optimism.

2. cape may pride! they sell these awesome tshirts that are inspired by different beaches around cape may. this one is for the cove, i might have to buy it before the end of summer.

3. local artists! this is probably the coolest part. the flying fish studio does their own screenprinting, using images from local artists. GOOD STUFF. i have this einstein tee, and another by the same artist... i can't find a picture of the other one but it is just as great. they're two of my favorite things to wear... always on my back or in the laundry.

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