Monday, October 5, 2009

i just read AM/PM by amelia gray. i chose it for two reasons. 1. i liked the cover (i judge books by their covers all the time, it usually works out fairly well.) 2. i opened it to a few different pages to get a feel for it, and one of these pages was written to a john mayer concert tee. this was my kind of book. i thoroughly enjoyed it, and want to share my favorite part:
They were in love! Carla wore her hair up and Andrew saw everything as a sign. They spent an entire afternoon sitting side by side in a coffee shop, taking more meaning than necessary from the world around them. A man wearing boxing gloves walked down the sidewalk in front of them and they took it to mean that they would be together forever.
the whole book is really just a wonderful little piece of art, but i keep going back to that page and reading it over and over. "...taking more meaning than necessary from the world around them." yes.

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