Friday, March 5, 2010

it's march! it's finally march! february tends to be a tough month for me. the dead of winter just gets me down. but in march i can start to glimpse the light at the end of winter's tunnel. it's supposed to get up to 50 degrees this weekend! that's downright tropical compared to the blizzards/snowpocalypsicanes we've been dealt these past couple months. march also means that i only have two more months left in the semester, and then SUMMER BREAK. words cannot express how excited i am to spend my first summer in new york city. walks to the park, ice cream trucks, exploring nyc-area beaches... i am stoked. i also am in a pretty unique situation this summer in that i included my living expenses for the summer in my student loans, so i am not under pressure to work too much this summer. i am going to look for a job, because i want some money to play with, but i'm not going to do anything that i don't enjoy. i'm also going to spend time interning or volunteering for a non-profit i believe in. i have a lot of choices, people are doing amazing work in this city, and i've got some ideas that i'll share once i reach out to them and work something out. pretty much, this summer is my last as a student, and i plan to live it up by doing what i want. my own personal summer "staycation". i'm down for lots of visitors too, so to all my far away friends: come explore new york with me this summer! i'm down for all kinds of adventure as long as it's cheap or free! i think i'm going to make a wishlist for this summer and post it up here soon... first on the list is a sailboat ride. if you know anyone who knows anyone who has a sailboat somewhere in the 2-3 state vicinity of new york city... get at me. i have been wanting a sailboat ride for years now.
also, if you want to teach me how to surf... hint hint.

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