Friday, June 4, 2010

this is not a concert review.

last night i was incredibly blessed to be able to see michael franti & spearhead play at the beach on governor's island. there could not have been a more perfect place to see them play than on this island between brooklyn and manhattan, with the skyline to the left, the stage right in front of me, and a gorgeous sunset behind me. it was absolutely perfect.

if you're unfamiliar with michael and his band, the first thing i think you should know is that they absolutely radiate love. it's incredible. michael is active in many social justice causes and is a living example of being love. this shows through the band's lyrics, smiles, and just general presence. i saw them open for john mayer at madison square garden in february, and after their set, michael and one of his guitarists, jay bowman, came down into the crowd to meet the fans. band members coming out into the crowd at an arena show is rare and definitely appreciated.

this love, this pure joy for living, is clearly contagious, and franti's fans are an example. the crowd yesterday was friendly, happy, and just one of the most pleasant crowds i've ever been a part of. i went to the show on my own and i certainly didn't feel alone. people talked to their neighbors, shifted around to let kids up front, and even i saw a complete stranger buy a coke for a little boy so that he didn't have to miss the start of the show. amazing!

michael and the band spent time playing out in the crowd as well as on the stage, and their energy was incredible. jay bowman, or j-boogie, as michael called him, is the happiest guy in the world. the entire time he plays, he's smiling this huge, sincere, amazing smile. when leaving the show, the crowd had to wait in sections for ferries to take us back to manhattan. people were tired, and sweaty, and some weren't too keen on waiting. jay/j-boogie/happiest-man-in-the-world came out to where we were waiting to say hi, shake hands, and thank us for coming. his gratitude definitely made the wait much better!

this is not a concert review, mostly because i am not one for using words to describe music. however, i can't leave out the fact that the music was, of course, amazing. it was one of those shows during which i couldn't have stood still even if i wanted too. the entire crowd was a dancing, smiling, singing, clapping, sweating, loving mass of happiness.

heaps of gratitude to michael franti & spearhead and all of your incredible fans. i love you, i love you, i love yoooouuuu!

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