Wednesday, December 10, 2008

finals week obsessions.

it is finals week at seton hall, but i have no actual finals... just a take-home essay final and a paper to write. therefore, i'm filling the time not spent at work or writing with the following obsessions:

1. kanye west - 808s and heartbreak.
i've always had a random and wonderful love for kanye, and his new album is just so interesting and different, i'm loooving it. when you think about it in the context of his life lately (losing his mother, breaking his engagement) it's really fascinating. "welcome to heartbreak", especially.

2. hummus
i always love hummus but lately i've been wanting to eat as much of it as possible. roasted red pepper, especially. delicious!

photographs of wildly creative people in their equally creative and fabulous homes. check out cheryl dunn and michael karbelnikoff's brooklyn home. i want to show up on their doorstop and ask if they'd like a roommate.

4. this video
i tried to embed it but the internet has an attitude today, so that didn't work. but go watch it! it's beautiful and adorable and will make you smile, no doubt about it.

5. k'naan - "in the beginning"
i've loved this song since i came across k'naan this summer, but lately i've been listening to it a lot. k'naan is a rapper from somalia who raps about his homeland, global politics, and the like. definitely better than any bitches-n-ho's rap i've heard lately.

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