Tuesday, February 10, 2009

love, love, love.

this morning i was watching music videos as i got ready for the day, and this new one from plain white t's came on called "1, 2, 3, 4". now i am well aware that this is probably one of the cheesiest love songs in existence, but i am completely in love with it! it's sweet and catchy and the video is made of 100% precious. it makes my heart feel all bouncy.

i am excited for valentine's day. this is strange to most of my friends because i am single and have no "valentine" in the traditional sense, but who says love is just for couples? i am all about sharing chocolate, love notes, and hugs with friends and family and loved ones of all varieties. i love love! that's why i love that video, it celebrates love in many forms - between not only couples, but brothers and sisters, friends, even dogs and their owners. toooooo cute.

my valentine's day morning will be spent in downtown manhattan doing a little project with newmindspace nyc. it is kind of secretive... but if you are available at 5:30am on saturday morning, let me know... or just stop by broadway anywhere between houston and canal around dawn on saturday morning. it should be amazing.

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