Sunday, February 15, 2009

spreading the love.

went into manhattan with a friend to spread the (biodegradable) love to soho early yesterday morning:it was a good time, despite the bitter cold. coffee and bagels at murray's afterward made it all worth it.

today i read this little bit of love on jason mraz's blog:
And as for the Best Male Pop Vocal Awesomeness, I’d like to acknowledge John Mayer for being so generous with his gifts in music, but also for being so outspoken regarding his admiration for I’m Yours. I am blessed just to participate in music, but even more blessed to do so at a time when the music community is so loving and encouraging. Thank you John. It is a great honor to be recognized by one’s peers. You deserve every bit of acclaim that’s out there. Hope to see you and your giant heart on the road again soon.

so i hopped on over to john mayer's site and found this:
I think Jason Mraz wrote, recorded and SANG one of the best songs of 2008, and I hope this makes it back to him...

my two favorite musicians showing some love for each other's work... fabulous!

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twitter directed me heree and i am happy to add your blog to the rest of my blogs i read.hhahahha

i am following you on (aka best thing ever)