Tuesday, March 8, 2011

she-woman-lady-power day!

it's international women's day! also called feminist coming out day! newsflash: i'm a feminist. also, my name is lindsay. i think i'm pretty "out" as a feminist, so here is a list of ways i've come up with to celebrate international women's day.

- contact your senators and ask them to vote no on legislation that would cut funding to planned parenthood, which provides millions of women with necessary and life-saving reproductive health.

- call out sexism. look for it, listen for it. it's pervasive and it continues if we all keep quiet about it. it wears a lot of different costumes, sometimes known as victim blaming, catcalling, or "just joking."

- listen to some of your favorite she-woman-lady-power anthems. maybe a little missy higgins' "steer", sara bareilles' "fairytale", or if you feel like shaking your ass (um, always?) of course, christina aguilera's "can't hold us down". or there's always any ani difranco song, ever. (feminist confession: i don't listen to ani difranco. i know, i know.)

- unapologetically rock a short skirt.

- unapologetically rock an androgynous suit.

- tell your favorite women how awesome they are.

- buy or borrow a feminist book. "yes means yes: visions of female sexual empowerment and a world without rape", essays compiled by jaclyn friedman and jessica valenti, changed my life for real. you can totally borrow it.

- stop making charlie sheen jokes. stop talking about charlie sheen. stop listening to, watching, reading coverage of charlie sheen. don't even say his name unless you're pointing out his horrendous history of perpetrating violence against women. and for the love of all things good, don't watch 2 and a half men, ever.

- read feministing. just do it.

- join women for women international at one of their "meet me on the bridge" events.

happy she-woman-lady-power day! how are you celebrating?

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Cynthia M. Haaf, ND said...

I know I'm a day late - showing my age, right? But...I'm commenting to publicly tell you that you are one of my favorite women/feminists and here's why: You are brave and compassionate and you embody the notion that one person can change the world! DOWN WITH LABELS - UP WITH EQUALITY!