Wednesday, January 28, 2009

diggin' on excitement.

i am so excited for so many things! one of my favorite people is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, and i can't wait to celebrate life with her. i'll be spending some time exploring the city with friends this weekend, and that is always a blast. the invisible children screening i'm organizing on campus is officially happening. i'm getting the ball rolling on a trip to the dominican republic this summer, to help build a church, play with some adorable kids, and enjoy time with new and old friends. i have actual spring break plans for once in my undergrad career - it's about time! i'm making plans to move to new york with friends next year, THAT is exciting. i'm almost ready to send off my second grad school application, also exciting.

i am obsessed with making exciting plans! i love having great things to look forward to.
oh, and as far as the present - i'm sitting in my bed with a cup of tea and books. lots of tea and books lately, i'm loving both. besides my reading for classes, i'm reading "the creative habit: learn it and use it for life" by twyla tharp, and it is quite good so far.

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Aaron said...

I looked it up and I think I'm going to try to make it next time I'm in alcohol drinking mode. So excitedddd!