Sunday, January 25, 2009

saving seeds!

awhile ago one of my favorite blogs, superforest, had a post about the millenium seed bank. what in the world is a seed bank? that was my first question. they collect seeds and save them to keep plants from going extinct. if plants go extinct, we're never able to know what cool scientific developments they could have been used for, like medicine and who knows what else. this is kind of a clumsy explanation, you should probably check out superforest for a better one.

the reason for mentioning the seed bank is the fact that it's in big financial trouble. superforest is trying to raise $3,000 to save a seed. if you'd like to contribute, that would be amazing. if you'd like to pass the message about the seed bank on to your blog readers, or facebook friends, or whoever else, that would also be awesome.

in celebration of seeds and plants and all things green, check out this cool tree!

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