Monday, August 31, 2009

i moved to brooklyn on saturday, it took a couple of days but i've got everything set up how i want it, and am loving my new digs. today i wandered down the street to the bank, and on my way found a yoga/dance studio, a thai restaurant that delivers, and a great looking cafe. i will be hitting up all of these places asap. i may even go for a yoga class tomorrow morning. i am a happy new brooklynite! i will post a few pictures of the apartment in a few days... i just attempted to take some and found that my camera's batteries are dead.
my soundtrack while moving and settling in has mostly been the spring standards' album "no one will know." i hadn't listened to them for awhile and i just got this off itunes a few days ago. it's excellent!

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gabi dickinson said...

I can't wait to see it myself! But for now, I am soooo happy to hear how happy you are! Love you!