Saturday, August 22, 2009

my amazing friend gabi recently spent two weeks caring for children at an orphanage in uganda. she's going back for a 3-6 months starting in january to continue volunteering at hope children's home. she is a positively wonderful person with a lot of love to give to these incredible children. she needs to raise over $6,000 for the trip, and would appreciate any donation, no matter how small. there are several ways you can donate:
1) Directly through PayPal to: (Just please make sure you write in the notes section that the money is for Gabi for Africa. Thank you!)
2) Directly into my missions account online. The link is:
And you’ll need to add a note simply stating that the money is for Gabi Dickinson
3) For those of you in the U.S. you can mail a check directly to:
Show Mercy International
PO Box 607
Albany, Oregon 97321
Again, making sure to state that the check is for Gabi Dickinson.
even if you can't donate, please send her some big hugs via her blog!


gabi dickinson said...

I wouldn't say I was amazing, but thankyou sooo much for doing this for me!

MollyAnne said...

love the blogs you suggested....especially the lesomethingimages. very adorable :)
and i am already pretty much fully addicted.
i love you <3