Sunday, August 16, 2009

recent obsessions:

-mango gelato. a new gelato shop opened up a few doors down from my summer job this season, and oh. my. goodness. i tried a different flavor on every visit until they started stocking mango, and i am HOOKED. the shop owner knows it is my favorite and let me know yesterday that they only have one batch left so i should eat it while i can! it's creamy and perfect and even has tiny bits of mango throughout. so, so amazing.

-september issues of fashion magazines. i am a bit of a magazine junkie, and the fashiony-fashion ones (think vogue, elle, and the like) are a little too stuffy for me typically. however, september is like january in fashion, so the issues are huge and chock full of beautiful pictures. i bought elle yesterday, and i keep flipping through it and finding new gorgeousness every time. also some of my favorite ladies are featured in ad campaigns: marion cotillard, bar rafaeli, miranda kerr, scarlett johansson... ahh i love it.

-TOMS shoes. i night have mentioned them before but they are worthy of two posts. for every pair of shoes sold, TOMS donates a pair to a child in need. i bought a pair in june and have been wearing them nonstop. the other day i wore a different pair of shoes and my grandma said "i've never seen those shoes, i only ever see you wearing your toms!" my sister also got a pair recently, my mom ordered a pair this morning, and my dad is thinking of getting some, too. i'm going to pick up a pair in tweed or corduroy for the fall and winter. they are SUPER comfy and come in tons of different prints.

- cape may crabcakes. i got some for dinner at the west cape may farmer's market last week and they are so incredibly delicious! i'm going to pick up a box (or six...) of frozen ones to take up to brooklyn with me. they also ship frozen ones!

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