Sunday, February 21, 2010

i had planned to go home this weekend. i miss my family a lot, and have just been homesick in general. my plans were foiled when i woke up yesterday morning feeling all-around terrible. i was a sore throated, congested, body achey, headachey mess. i tried to push my body and go anyway. my trip would have included a bus, two trains, and about an hour-long car ride. around a 3 hour trip altogether, and the thought of spending three hours traveling did me in. by the time i got home, i would have wanted to do nothing more than crawl into bed. so i called my parents and apologized a bunch of times because they'd changed plans for the weekend to accommodate me coming. they were immensely understanding, and my dad reminded me that it's important to listen to my body. so i've been doing just that, and what my body wanted was a weekend of sleep, tea, soup, bubble baths, and a marathon of 30 rock. i'm still not feeling great, but i'm improving. at first i was angry. i kept thinking "i should be home this weekend! i'm supposed to be hugging my dad right now!" but then i reminded myself: there is no "should", there is only what is, and right now is a bit of sickness. that's okay. i chose not to fight my body, but to pamper it and give it what it wants. hopefully it will thank me with feeling better tomorrow, but if not? i could handle one more day of taking it easy.

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