Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i went to see david ryan harris play last night, and this man's voice... there just aren't words. so smooth and gorgeous. i saw him in november at rockwood music hall, one of my favorite spots in this city. last night's show was at highline ballroom, which, due to a $15 ticket plus a $10 minimum per person per set (say whaaa?!) is not a favorite. but anyway. he performed beautifully and had some pretty hilarious stories between songs, too. before this song, he was talking about how women are so critical of ourselves, when men don't see any of the flaws we're so focused on. "i think the women on the cover of 'shape' magazine could use a sandwich! 'shape' should come bundled with 'bon appetit'!" oh yes.

i strongly recommend listening to this song before going out. guaranteed to make any girl feel like the pretty girl she is.

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