Thursday, February 18, 2010

love love lovin'

my favorite things at the moment:

- mat kearney's music. i want to curl up inside the last 1:30 of "city of black and white". "fire and rain" makes me want to jump up and down singing along. i've been listening for a while but recently i have had this resurgence of love for him.

- j. crew's february catalog. well, to be honest, i love every j. crew catalog i've ever seen, this is just the current one. their styling is honest to goodness amazing. i usually study the catalog at length and then try to copycat with cheaper clothes because j. crew's a little pricey for me... but i am considering splurging on a blazer for spring. because really, i can wear a good blazer for years! and it will be a good light jacket for spring... and it will help me toward my new goal of dressing like a grownup... i'm a pro at rationalizing purchases, it's kind of a problem.

- my favorite blog at the moment is i am being. tricia had the seriously awesome job of being jason mraz's joyologist on his last tour. now that senor mraz is not touring, she's blogging and living and loving and i just love following along on her journey via her blog. it's so honest and uninhibited. recently she's written about how she enjoys spending time with herself, and i SO get that. i need a pretty good amount of alone time... more than most people, it seems. my close friends have grown to understand that just because i say i'd rather stay at home instead of go to that show or bar or dinner doesn't mean anything's wrong... i just need to spend some time with myself.

- "hey, soul sister" by train. yes, "drops of jupiter" and "meet virginia" train! i couldn't believe it was them when i first heard it in a bar with my friend blair a few weeks ago, but i became quickly obsessed. whenever i listen to it while i'm out walking, i start walking all bouncily and smiling a lot and people probably think there's something wrong with me but that is okaaaayyyyy haaayyyyy haaaaayyyayyyyy....

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