Thursday, February 11, 2010

on the new title:

this blog is now titled "lindsay says yes". new url, bookmark it or google-reader it (it's a verb) or "buzz" it (i don't understand) or whatever it is you do with blogs these days.

why the change? i wanted to be able to write more about my day to day life and just about myself in general. i felt boxed in by the "lindsay is obsessed" title and idea. so this is more open ended, more broad, and more personal.

why "lindsay says yes"? i said "no" for a lot of my life. i was a timid, shy kid. i was hesitant to try new things for a long time. since moving away from home for college, and especially since moving to new york, i've been making a point of saying "yes", and it's liberating and refreshing and quite amazing. i've said yes to starting graduate school, yes to being set up on dates, yes to making last minute decisions to go to concerts and broadway shows, yes to trying new foods, yes to jumping on a bus for a trip to no-one-knows-where for no-one-knows-how-long... yes yes yes!

and i must admit, there are a few other blogs that have inspired my saying yes recently, so i'll show some love for them:
yes and yes
not that kind of girl

i'm off to say yes to doing laundry and maybe after, yes to some pasta!

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Katie said...

I have also turned into a "say yes" I understand how liberating it feels! I'm happy for you, Linds!